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                                CURRNET LOCATION:Home > About Us

                                Zhejiang Medtec Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in Oct. 1989, locates at No. 77 Yangdai Rd., Lin An City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China.

                                Zhejiang Medtec production area is 8500 square meters, including four 100000 class production cleanroom 3000 square meters.

                                Zhejiang Medtec insists on the quality policy 'Focus on customer, base on honest. Focus on quality, pursue excellence’, has GMP, CE, ISO13485 and FDA certificates. The company strictly controls product quality, improves service and wins the universal praise.
                                Zhejiang Medtec Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
                                Address:77 Yangdai Road, Linan district, Hangzhou city, 311301, P.R.China
                                Tel: 86-571-58606185
                                Fax: 86-571-58606188 
                                E-mail: medtec@hzmtyl.com
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